We are a Galician company that offers solutions to existing products through advanced and sustainable manufacturing technologies.


Inspired by the vision of a sustainable and aesthetically innovative future and exhibited during Paris and Milan Fashion Week

Proyecto itfab para Zara


This project focuses on 3D printing artistic pieces inspired by mangroves, one of the most diverse and crucial ecosystems in the world.


Our proposal is RELIEVE, a sustainable manufacturing project whose objective is to change the concept of plastic waste.

Jarrones de itfab

Joma - Ispo Munich 2022

The innovative sculpture of a sneaker. A unique fusion of fashion and technology that reveals each layer with precision, celebrating creativity in footwear design.

Tecsoled - Entorno Lowpoly

Faceted human sculptures with the aim of giving prominence to the light by reflecting on each of the faces.

Mangrove Christmas Balls

3D printing of Christmas balls in conjunction with our mangrove project, combining tradition with one of the world's most diverse and crucial ecosystems.